By anonymous - / Friday 24 April 2009 19:50 / United States
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By  grazynaanka  |  0

It likes to come at the worst possible moments. This is going to sound gross but, if you and your new husband want to do the deed, use a female condom. And hey, at least you know your bestfriend is a true friend!

By  mewzik  |  0

well it happens to 1/4 of females

  jasmine1259  |  2

what is wrong with the people here? how the hell is using a tampon gonna make things better? i think her friend would rather change a pad then pull a bloody tampon out her vagina. geez some people are dumb.

all of you are just saying "use a tampon" but don't give any reason for why that's the better solution.

  jelzer  |  0


It only happens to 1/4 of women who are both stupid enough to plan their wedding for a date that they'll have their period, and also not pop the neccessary pills to skip their fucking period.

YDI for being metally retarded

  Mauskau  |  35

erm, no. you cannot ACCURATELY predict a period. you can estimate when it's gonna come but it wont always be on time. you CANNOT skip a period. do some research before trying to say stuff. you're one dumbass shit.

also, "use a tampon" WONT FUCKING HELP! Her best friend is gonna have to take it out of her, and that's nasty to do it when it's your own!

OP, stuff like that sucks. it always comes when you've planned something for after/before you've had it >.>

  ibFOOL  |  0

You can technically skip a period, so do some research before saying something. You dumbass shit. ;)

Active participation in sports, anemia, contraceptive pills, or just an irregular period can produce a "skipped" period.
There's also light periods, which, when using pads, can be left for a good while.

  ffmmllyaya  |  0

no you can't skip a period you dumb ass
bitch, not with a healthy body. people with certain condition can't have periods but there is nothing a healthy woman can do to skip a period. actively playing alot of sports can make u skip a period? and isn't a weak period or an irregular period still a period?? dumb ass


I actually have skipped a period because of being active. It never fails, I always skip August or September, or sometimes both because of running so much in cross country. I am perfectly healthy and perfectly regular every other time.

  whoisthisgirl  |  4

you also look 12.

  marleyvk  |  0

people YES you can skip a period. If you are on the birth control pill, all you have to do is skip the days your supposed to take the placebos and go onto the next pack, then voila no period. ive done it before... although i doubt its healthy, just a way to help out with say, a honeymoon.

  G_thelegend  |  0

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it is possible to skip a period for a variety of reasons even on mostly healthy people. I had a bad cold a few months ago when I was supposed to get my period and I completely skipped and got my next one on time. and as for the op sucks for u hope u find a way to deal with it so yeah... sorry bout the long comment I know people hate reading these.

  Ariannalang  |  0

Lol.. most of you look about eleven so don't act like you know everything. Some birth control pills can make you skip a period. And how would a tampon help? The point of a honeymoon is to have sex and using a tampon won't change the fact that she was on her period. I suppose they could have done anal or oral or even normal (but bloody) sex. Obviously that wouldn't be the ideal honeymoon, but if they really wanted sex... And if I were her, I would have taken off the dress, change tampon/pad, and then get back in the dress without assistance.

  nerdchic  |  5

it's called depo prevera .. you DONT HAVE periods at all. so there's your "you can stop your period" fact.
and you actually can accurately predict your period.. and tampons last longer than pads.. so put on in, put on the dress, then afterwards take the dress off and change the tampon.. TA DA!! most of you girls are morons and an embarrassment to our gender!

By  patsuck  |  0


  soccer_babe  |  0

okay wait back up a sec... your getting married and you just started your period? either you must be like 16 and getting married or unhuman at starting your period at like 20


Unless it's against her religion to take the pill

By  grazynaanka  |  0

It likes to come at the worst possible moments. This is going to sound gross but, if you and your new husband want to do the deed, use a female condom. And hey, at least you know your bestfriend is a true friend!

By  Ambsies  |  0

That really sucks. I just don't understand who still uses pads after the age of 16...

  Mauskau  |  35

because they're easier to use and cannot cause problems, also, it's personal choice with what you use.
imo, only use a tampon when you're swimming and on your period. otherwise there's no need.

  brisbanegirl  |  21

well I don't know about you but if my best friend had her period on her wedding day and needed help changing either her pad or tampon I'd rather she was wearing a pad not quite as icky as a tampon.

  cadillacgal79  |  32

I love wearing pads, yes I'm 13, I'm planning on staying with pads, I just don't like the concept of sticking something up there an than later pulling it out all bloody.

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