By upupandaway - / Monday 30 January 2012 23:51 / United States
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  Honda288  |  2

Agreed, "k" would have made him an ass. But I think that would have gone over better if you had emailed it or perhaps written a nice letter. Text messaging is not really the best way to get someone a long speech.

  yearcity  |  0

here fault for txting it

  KYLAisaBITCH  |  4

36- after a year of being together, they should know how each other feels about the other... And it shouldn't be very hard. Maybe at 3-4months, but not 1year...

If they don't know how the other feels they shouldn't be together, or need more communication.



Your right they need to communication if they use text messaging like that. I would say something like "Hey I have something to tell you in person" NOT a stupid text message and yes it is hard to tell them in person but it's more MEANINGFUL.

  kmaeh  |  8

Maybe she's awful at texting? One of those people who use way too many abbreviations and smiley faces, or no punctuation. It could have been one long run on sentence, filled with ilu's,

  Roevera  |  14

Dude, my boyfriend would of just said "love you too".. thanks for the effort there sweetie. :P

  OhHushDear  |  11

It seems like everyone my age only ever DOES say something meaningful if it's in a text. Then they're all awkward and silent in person. My generation needs to learn how to communicate with their boyfriends/girlfriends! (Nondigitally, that is.)

  TheNewGuy03  |  26

26 -- so true. It actually reminds me of some Styles P lyrics. "They don't talk, they text/ LOL, WTF/ And I be like, 'Damn, what the fuck is next?'"

|the kid|


wow, considering you spent 2 hours to make it romantic and he only responded "huh?" I personally would have been pissed off if it was a long text and then got a one worded response as if he didn't understand it.
that would suck 100%


I blame her. Why the fuck send it as a text. Call him.
I would of been annoyed to been him, he has to reply to all of that and frankly huge wall-of-text gets irritating.
Still, it is a Fml from her point of view.
Sorry OP.



So you would be pissed off because he does NOT know it took you 2 hours to text that?

What you would think he would respond with something like that by putting him on the spot ? Sorry does not work that way. He would need time but at the sometime he should have text something better. she should have said it in person to be meaningful or call at least let him here you say it And give a few hour for a good response, just as it took you 2 hours to text it.

Too he could be a asshole.

By  simonelli  |  9

Don't you hate that! At least he didn't respond with "k"..

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

First off... 2 hours?!? Please tell me you are 12, or are majorly exaggerating! It doesn't take 2 hours to write a long text and if it did it probably came out in like 30 pages and probably not in the right order, depending on his phone!!
And if you couldn't be with him during those 2 hours, you probably could have done something more romantic or useful even. Like it all out in a letter, or go get him some chocolate, or even make a picture collage of the two of you together! Just not a long or romantic text ever. If they're getting it on their phone, then they're most likely out doing something and therefore not focused on your romantic gesture! He was probably wondering why his phone was vibrating non stop for over a half hour! ;)

  TheNewGuy03  |  26

I disagree with OP's "romantic text" on principle. It's simply a waste of time. Texts are meant to convey short, concise thoughts, not novellas. I text an awful lot, but the things I send are always very brief. I understand that there are times when you are bogged down with things and can't have a conversation, but if you have two hours to spare, then you can spend them on something that isn't as ephemeral as a text message.

|the kid|

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