By Anonymous - / Tuesday 21 September 2010 22:47 / United States
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By  barnmaster98  |  5

well you must really be unwanted. lol

  ShadyFTW1  |  0

ydi for being unpopular, unwanted, ugly and stupid.

  rfngxhhshi  |  0

lol there's a girl in my school we call Meg behind her back cause she looks a lot like her hahaha. funny how op is from new jersey and the girl at my school (in IL) is actually from there ha

  katplayer  |  4

People have called me Meg before too. Except this was back when I didn't have glasses. On top of that, I'm not fat, nor do I wear hats. They're probably not even accurate in calling you that.

By  samgar  |  0

In the kitchen Meg?


i don't comprehend the humour?


Lulz. I've never cared about getting the first comment, but I was ridiculously proud to be the first one to say that. >.<

89, it's a quote from the show. Someone, usually her dad, is frequently saying it to her.

  MissLizWolf  |  8

Hahahaha! a guy in my class said that to me once, I look nothing like Meg, and have no traits like her either so I don't understand what he meant... he's ugly though!

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