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I'm so excited for WoD! The only thing that sucks is my 587 ilvl is going to mean absolutely nothing anymore haha. I'm excited for new content though, SoO got boring a looong time ago.


Agreed. Haven't played since Cata and the expansion looks pretty epic. On a side note, I love how the moment WoW is mentioned in an FML the comments cease to be about the OP and turn into excitement for the game haha.


#7 Someone's quite the raider? On launch you would be lucky to hit cap in 36hrs, let alone find 9-24 others ready and geared for raiding. #1 You're motherboard must of almost been dead already, it's quite a feat to overheat a motherboard seeing as barely anything generates heat from it. CPU or gpu would make sense.

My 18th birthday was spent playing a 17 hour game of civilisation with 9 other people on the biggest map, on the hardest difficulty. Way better that a party where you stand around making small talk.


I disagree. You shouldn't just be making small talk. A party is about letting go with your friends having an absolute blast and forgetting about your responsibilities for a night. it's something that doesn't happen all the time. Playing that game happens a lot more I am sure.

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