By allergies - / Friday 18 September 2015 14:43 / United States - New York
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By  christopherwilli  |  14

I feel like snot coming out of your nose should be enough to convince a person that a sneeze was real

  leogachi  |  15

@2 I'm sure it would, but there may not have been any snot coming out of her nose.

By  ThePaperDragon  |  31

If your face chased so much as to render you unrecognizable, you must retake it. Otherwise, I do not believe the photographer, and I use the term lightly, has a right to deny you a second chance at your picture.

  VeganDarkLight  |  31

They save the ID pictures in the US? Wow, makes me glad I don't live there. (In Germany you can bring a new picture if you lose your ID, they don't save them anywhere and I thought that was "normal")

  CaitiieBuggs  |  23

That's what I thought. I don't know about other states, but in mine everyone is required to take off all hats and glasses as to not obstruct/ distort the face at all. I'd think a sneeze face would count as some sort of distortion.


Today, I was getting my picture taken with my mom and grandma for a portrait. I said it was going to be beautiful when it was done, with three generations of our family in it. My grandma said that would be true, if I weren't adopted. FML

By GraceWaldorf93 - / Thursday 3 December 2015 16:45 / Belize - Belize City

Today, my grandmother's graduation presents came for my sisters. Not only did she remember to send them cards, but money too. My graduation was a year ago, I received nothing, and last time she saw me, she didn't know my name. FML

By UnlovedGrandchild - / Tuesday 14 June 2011 01:14 / United States
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