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My advisor kind of did that too. I just needed a couple months rather than a year. College advisors seem to be pretty hit and miss. The ones for other departments and even other majors in my department were pretty helpful. But for mine, it was a miracle to even get in contact with her, let alone an appointment since she scheduled all her own rather than using the secretary like all the others. So sorry that you have to deal with a terrible advisor. I feel your pain. Many people in college are go

So sorry OP, hope you find a way to shorten the time or get some sort of grants/scholarships to help you out. My friend went through the same thing. So when I was entering university, I decided to figure everything out on my own (especially after switching programs). It's super hard at first though! But I really recommend looking into the courses/prerequisites/availabilities yourself and figuring out if you can find a possible loophole. I'm not sure how your college works but maybe it's possi

Oh I know how much that sucks. It was a little different for me because my problem was that I had a different adviser seemingly every year because they keep leaving or there were other changes in the department that made it impossible for them to keep the same amount of advisees. So I ended up having at least 3 different people who had to familiarize themselves with me and my program. I know it sucks and I would look into maybe having the school fix the problem or help you out. Or maybe see if y

Thanks God I never listened to my advisor, I know exactly what every course has to offer and what it opens to me in the future. You should have done more research.

So.. everyone is pissed at the advisor, and duly noted - he did not do his job and earn a gold star. However, you are not a freshman anymore and should have thuroughly checked your transcripts, classes, and registration EVERY term. It baffles me that someone would leave something as important as that to the hands of anyone but themselves - the only person who this affects the most. Had you done so, even if you cannot process the registration without your advisor - you would have spotted discrepa

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