By Anonymous - / Sunday 3 August 2014 15:13 / United States - Atlanta
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  JMichael  |  25

What's his name OP? I might know him..

By  sezzamozzy  |  9

If his your boyfriend of 8 months, then either it must be a realllyyy long pregnancy or you got a big problem on your hands OP.
Good luck with everything. Hope it all works out for you.

  OhDearBetrayal  |  25

It is a little distressing to realize that a baby is on the way and he's in the shadows about whether he should try or not.

  jamieann1214  |  4

Pregnancy lasts up to 10 months. 10-8=2 dummy. Also to keep all of the 9 month long comments that will follow, you go into your 9th month of pregnancy and then have the baby. Again 404=10. If you make it to 40 weeks pregnant you are pregnant for 10 months.

  BSnapZ  |  21

#35 Actually, you are wrong. 4 weeks is not 1 month. Since a week is 7 days, 4 weeks is 28 days and every month except February is either 30 or 31 days. So a month is actually a little bit longer than 4 weeks and hence 9 months would actually be about 40 weeks.

  alicat13  |  12

Humans actually are pregnant for 10 montha, not 9..

  jamieann1214  |  4

I realize that a month is not exactly 4 weeks but you are pregnant for closer to 10 months. They tell you in pregnancy books and when you go to a prenatal doctor. Just saying

  feelingold  |  18

Yes the doctors' timelines are a bit closer to 10 than 9, even in calendar months. But they all start from day one of your cycle ie the last period. And you only get pregnant about two weeks after that (if pregnancy = fertilization) or longer (if pregnancy = implantation). So actually the real figure (biologically) is still closer to 9. Knowledge!

  Durantye  |  8

Not necessarily just because he is trying to be involved in the child's life doesn't mean he has to leave his current girlfriend. It would be better for the kid if the parents stay apart if the marriage would be broken. I know that I wish MY parents hadn't gotten back together just for a child made things 100x worse for me and then.

By  KennyBound  |  12

I'm sorry about that, OP. You deserve better.
Hopefully, he's an ex now.
Please try to enjoy the rest of your day.
Happy birthday.

  Nilorak  |  24

How do you know OP deserve better?

  MisterGasMoney  |  16

Because if a guy spends his current girlfriend's birthday with his ex who is pregnant with a child who could possibly be his, then he's just low. OP deserves someone that actually cares about her and will be faithful.

  jamieann1214  |  4

Except for that if it is his baby op has zero say in anything to do with that baby. If she can't handle that he might have a kid then she is childish and should find someone else. Cannot expect to be more important than his kid

  stargirl_95  |  24

We don't know what the story is. Maybe there was a reason that the boyfriend needed to be there e.g an important appointment with the gynaecologist or they needed to buy baby stuff and that was the only day they could do it (hopefully OPs boyfriend impregnated this woman before he started dating OP which means she could be due any day now). This needs a follow up.

  amisenho  |  11

#36: It's not necessarily about being childish for "feeling less important" than the kid; it's more about what OP wanted out of the relationship in the first place. What if she didn't want children and went into the relationship with her boyfriend, acknowledging him of this beforehand? In that case, having that guy's kid around wouldn't allow her to get what she's looking for in a relationship, unless she stuck around with him just because she loved him and was willing to put up with the child on weekends and holidays. I know that if I ever met a guy with an infant child or otherwise from a previous relationship, I couldn't marry him or even consider dating him, regardless of how great he is, because having children is simply not one of my life goals. I'd wish him the best in his parental endeavors, but it's not a bullet-point of what I'm looking for in an intimate relationship.

But maybe the real FML here is just that OP didn't have her boyfriend around to celebrate her birthday, I don't know.

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