By anon / Friday 17 July 2015 07:04 / Australia - Melbourne
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By  Zufallian  |  34

Who doesn't love Minions?

  MrConcise  |  34

Am I doing this right?

  iseebearbears  |  27

don't forget me!

  devildog562  |  33

Don't call someone an asshole when you obviously deviated from the point as well. Anyone should be able to say as they want. If you stop feeding the trolls and adding to the annoying population of correcting others opinions ... Son of a bitch I'm part of the statistic.

By  PandaSmile  |  24

Leave him immediately.

  BlueHorizons  |  8

This was very clearly sarcasm. Smh at all the down votes.

By  menja  |  28

What's wrong with minions? Minions are smart, loyal, loving and so much more!

  menja  |  28

Swanson! It's expected of you to be a cynic. Sadly you're not evil enough to be considdered an appropriate villain to work for, or you'd know just how wonderful minions really are.

  Mauskau  |  35

I hope it was the purple one with funny teeth that looks like it's thinking "ugh, come on", the same face we pull when our mum is too busy talking when you want to leave.

By  kingnothing123x  |  11

Just one minion says it all Hun he's a creepy ?

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