By Anonymous - / Monday 6 October 2014 02:42 / United States - Rock Island
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  REALAfroninga  |  11

Visually learning just isn't the same.

  DogeMan  |  14

Sounds like ur boyfriend has way to much innocents

  Huddisher  |  10

Not everyone that's a virgin is clueless about genitalia and not everyone that isn't a virgin has a clue about genitalia. It could have been many factors that caused the person to ask what the picture was of.

  EverestMelting  |  23

It could just be a bad angle that doesn't really show what the entire vagina looks like. Let's take in consideration some of the things a vagina can resemble: a taco, roast beef. Now we can also take in consideration that the picture maybe wasn't clear in quality, or maybe it was half of it that was shown. But then again, maybe OPs vag is just not that good looking.

  lord_meloetta  |  20

No I think he means White Chicks

  dudecall  |  18

#32 nobody deserves to watch white chicks. That's kinda mean. :/

By  gurbism  |  16

I remember my first sext.

  Crossbowe  |  13

they didn't have phones in 1891 well not texting at least...

By  Soundslikeothers  |  15

Has it been so long since he's seen it he forgot what it looked like?

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