By lebato97 / Friday 9 December 2011 03:35 / United States
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Nice pic #3, do I see correct, it is a G36C? Sweet weapon, would be my first choice

  HeXr  |  22

Pffft CM901 all the way

  Michael_92  |  19

What's not to like? I'm sure this guy is rolling in the ladies..oh wait no cause you can't even respect something as small as your neighbors having a tree. There's something wrong withyou dude.

  perdix  |  29

#81 Speak for yourself! I want to see that, and I think lots of others want to as well! Look around at more profiles and you'll fins that beccalyn's shot is relatively modest.

You should write her a PM apologizing for being so clumsy when you were just trying to get her attention. That could put in motion an interesting series of events if you handle it right.

  denbeste  |  3

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  ladyLALAA  |  28

What's 50?

By  jpoole  |  4

Ha you've been outplayed, burn their tree down.


Read 'burn' as 'bum' -_-

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