By eyesightfail - / Saturday 21 November 2009 23:02 / United States
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  Inky_fml  |  0

My stepmother kept two squirrels in the house as pets, because they were "cute". They are filthy, horrible, disgusting animals. It's nice to find someone who hates squirrels as much as I do.

OP: you deserve it for trying to "lure" an animal that may carry rabies, and BITES, with something that isn't even food.


Seriously. It doesn't matter how cute they are. They're not tame, and have a good chance of carrying rabies. Jesus, when did everyone get the idea that once an animal has big eyes and soft fur that it's going to be friendly?

By  cthulhu1138  |  1

Let me get this straight: you thought that a wild squirrel-- a small animal which considers humans potential predators--would be willing to come closer if you showed a pine cone of all things? Did you plan on meeting Santa Claus and/or the Tooth Fairy sometime later in the day?


Today, I left the house I'm staying at, not knowing that thunderstorms were forecast. I came back from work to find dog shit splattered all over the kitchen. Apparently the dogs I'm watching don't like thunder. FML

By Hiimhaileypotter - / Monday 14 July 2014 22:48 / United States - Fredericksburg

Today, my vet prescribed Xanax for my very anxious dog, because he keeps me awake all night whining and pacing. He slept soundly for about an hour, then woke up, threw up all over my carpet, and went right back to whining and pacing. FML

By Grimmerie - / Monday 7 March 2016 09:05 / Canada - Vancouver
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