By Help Me - / Sunday 18 January 2015 03:45 / Canada - Calgary
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Just trying to be supportive. I mean he got accused if being a molester for pete sakes. If that happened to me I would probably be too scared to help someone. But I'm just trying to be optimistic, the whole "grab her arm" thing was a bad move though.

Step one: check to see if person is actually an old lady (how do you mistake that when you're close enough to grab their arm?). Step two: ask if they would like help. Step three: if offer of help is accepted, then feel free to help. While it's nice that you were willing, common sense dictates that you don't just go up to a stranger and grab them unannounced. That's not often well-received, even with the elderly.


46, you say it like it's some sort of justification. It's not. Know how to get around the issue of them being covered up for winter? Ask if they need help crossing the street. It's really quite simple.

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