By Anonymous - / Monday 7 September 2015 14:21 / Australia - Auburn
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By  onlychildFTW  |  33

Maybe it was like the oscars and somebody has a wardrobe malfunction. Though probably not when it comes to the public. Haha.

  doodlecloud  |  26

Well we don't know OP's age but regardless, they tend not to actually get a guy to drop their pants in sex ed class, they show drawings/diagrams/photos. I'm sure OP knows what a dick looks like, this is just the first time she's seen one in real life.

  bapbap_fml  |  15

Riding a train and having a job don't necessarily mean you are of an age where you "should have seen a penis". I started working and using public transit by 15, saw a penis for the first time at 19.

  addisonrose12  |  16

My first time seeing one was in my 8th grade science class... On film... And it was covered in gentile warts...

By  kayposion  |  17

That's riDICKulous I'm sorry I'm ready for the dislikes

  buckstop1  |  34

I MIGHT have upvoted this if you didn't capitalize the dick and if there wasn't a 9 minute difference between when you and #2 commented. That's why I always refresh the page before I comment, to avoid saying the same thing as somebody else

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