By aceshot97 / Tuesday 6 December 2011 14:33 / Canada
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  brianjman14  |  22

Damn it, #9, I was about to post something like that! >:( And #42, that was the FML about a guy throwing a small rock at a hobo, not the $10 string prank.

  BuhxritNAYY  |  5

At least the kids these days were outside doing something from the 90's rather than getting fat playing video games for exercise. Right? It was a prank that got them out of their seats. BE HAPPY :D

By  tsim_fml  |  0

I never pick money up from the ground. My reason: One time my friends jacked off on a $20 dollar bill, wiped it off and put it on the ground at school and waited for someone to pick it up... thats nasty


Today, while taking out the trash, I swung the bag back and forth, which caused it to slide across my leg. An opened aluminum can inside the bag ended up slicing through my calf, causing heavy bleeding. Baked beans sent me to the hospital. FML

By winstonweigand / Thursday 14 August 2014 22:40 / United States - Olympia
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