By duh / Tuesday 27 January 2009 08:10 / United States
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  Bcfrmkc816  |  17

Absolutely right about changing career goals as the hands done properly are part of the story if you don't like it then you will not be a good teacher or influence on them

By  0___0  |  9

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  Skarkie321  |  18

She says that she agrees with 6 and 6 is calling her stupid!

By  amykay  |  0

it comes with the tranning and the job. In fact is supposed to be the fun part, if you don't enjoy it, please choose a diffrent path. The other educators that take this seriously, won't like you, and neither will the kids.

By  MusicMan7187  |  3

I agree with number 1, I have to do that too (And teach much more embarrassing songs), and I'm sure everyone in your class will have to as well, and if it really is that big of a problem, either change careers and hope to Hell you don't start out in Elementary School.

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