By Anonymous / Sunday 11 December 2011 06:42 / United States
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  IceeCreamm  |  7

Bold patches are in nowadays

By  ShazzRandom  |  7

Surprised His dentures weren't in with the gum.. I would've been laughing at him
Then :)

  ShazzRandom  |  7

Thale laughing is at the old man. He then wouldn't be able to chew gum..

By  mea_iloveskiing  |  24

Why was he on the school bus?

By  iliketurdles  |  7

Old people are allowed on the public school bus?


  graham11  |  14

7- you are lucky the other commenters already pointed out the obvious to you. If I had commented first, I would've included a smart ass explanation that the old man was not on a school bus. Consider yourself lucky!!

  Enslaved  |  36

Holy Hell. I had to google to see just what you were talking about. You learn something new everyday!
My friend visited Cuba and a little boy offered up his sister in exchange for the used piece of gum in his mouth. So sad. I thought that was the same reason for Singapore's band.

  wordbigbird  |  0

22- yea I checked that out too that is fucked. To help with your learning everyday, skydiving without a parachute in Canada is ILLEGAL, same with feeding beer to a mouse ( stereotype much?)

By  Daydreemdie  |  0

Well it seems like your in a sticky situation ( no pun intend ) :)

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