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That's horrible, innovative but horrible. I'm sure Lowes has cameras that could help as well as cashiers who remember who bought a hacksaw during that time.


Not only that, every single Home depot is going to have Camera's watching the registers. Shit even if he hadn't left the receipt, just knowing he bought a Hacksaw there would make it pretty easy to track down. The problem arises from the fact that police don't really go after petty thieves unless they steal from businesses.

I work at Lowes. Ask to speak with the manager or Loss Prevention. They have cameras and will be able to take still photos for you so you can give them to the cops. Funny enough I'm writing this comment while at work.


If lowes is anything like Walmart, they won't give you anything because it wasn't stolen from them and privacy laws won't protect you.


@19 OP parked the bike on their terrain and also locked it. They will need to support OP, and if they don't, he/she can go to the police. If they decide to investigate at the store, they'll be forced to help. :)

Is there security cameras outside where the bike was parked? Call the cops and have them ask Lowes for the footage

The police should be able to do something with the time stamp of the cash register and the corresponding cctv footage.

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