By YipYop - / Wednesday 20 January 2016 04:06 / United States - Brandon
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  DrafteeSelf  |  24

Savage asf x). I know those guys deserve the worst, but getting revenge by kicking pebbles into their eyes is kind of a sick way to get back at them? No?

By  walid820014  |  20

While your work flew with the wind, you should have made their work drown in piss.

  syki  |  22

"As revenge, the original poster should locate the perpetrators' school work (or other object/s of similar importance) and urinate on it."

  walid820014  |  20

so are you

By  Dilexar  |  26

You should've said you had the cure to an illness, & you were going to submit it to a scientist, but now you're missing a page & the cure isn't complete.

By  1010110100101101  |  18

Doesn't sound like you're having a wheel of a good time

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