By Happy Employee - / Sunday 31 August 2014 21:51 / United States
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By  Corvo_Attano_4  |  12

What a terrible surprise

By  meganlovestea  |  15

At least you got to go on vacation first?

By  kabza  |  12

well that sucks

By  LinkandSaria  |  10

that's terrible. maybe you could go pleasure yourself. haha jk. good luck OP

By  aksel1218  |  13

That suckss

By  bachoman  |  10

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  slyde32  |  12

I read this as op's apartment had been downsized, thought that didn't make sense, read again, maybe #6 made my mistake and didn't read it again

By  chrisstachon  |  29

That sucks sorry op

By  Queensland  |  27

Well at least you can go to your next job interview with a hot sexy bitchin' tan.

  cryssycakesx3  |  22

It's sad if you're that insecure to value yourself for your "hot sexy bitchin' tan." the person interviewing you for a job sure as hell doesn't care.

"oh, her tan is bitchin' let's hire her."

By  smileyrobot  |  2

aw op that's horrible. *hugs* i hope everything will work out in the end!!!

By  mutukrp  |  11

I hope you are not on the "downsized" list and you got to keep your job :)

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