By WasFeelingGood - / Tuesday 27 October 2009 13:32 / United States
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  youreanidiot  |  0

why bother saying ouch to such a fake FML to get first? Seriously, this post starts out with them on the "front page of the newspaper" (what wedding photos are on the front page of a newspaper? that doesn't sell newspapers!), and immediately shifts into facebook comments... How do you do a facebook comment on the front page of a newspaper? Anyway, you also deserve it for being fat

  youreanidiot  |  0

So you're telling me that people who haven't cared enough to catch up with her since high school are going to see the picture in the paper then go all the way to her facebook and comment on her wall? And multiple people? That doesn't happen in the real world. What happens is people see picture on facebook, they comment on it. Besides, she says they're "commenting on ______", meaning commenting on the photo, she would have specified if they were writing on her wall.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

"Commented on" CAN mean the same as "made a comment about" or "remarked on" "All my Facebook friends from high school MADE A COMMENT ABOUT/REMARKED ON how much weight I've lost and how good I look in my wedding photo. FML" When people write on MY facebook wall, I don't call it such. I call it a comment. Why? I'm more used to myspace and other sites that call these things comments.

By  Maxine17  |  8

But if they were friends from high school and they'd all gone seperate ways, it could be years since they had seen each other, and people can change alot in like 5 years. Still sucks though

By  ashiiya  |  0

Wow, some friends they are =_= unless they're those friends from hs that you haven't seen since. But still. From facebook? You'd think they'd know what you look like =.= Forget about them, they obviously don't care enough or know enough to be your friends.

By  grinchgirl  |  0

I am confused ex's new wife has the same first name as you, so her "new" name would be first name/ex's last name, or your previous married name. Were you married in high school? Didn't you have a different name back then? either this is fake, or YDI for marrying a family member


Today, on the bus, my friends and I gorged ourselves on a ton of candy. When it was my stop, I began to walk to the front of the bus. Upon getting off the bus, I tried to thank the driver with a mouth full of candy. It sounded like I said "Fuck you". FML

By ScratchCatPower / Tuesday 19 April 2016 19:04 / United States - Trumbull
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