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Not if she waited for over half an hour. Assuming the guy got on 45 minutes late for the interview and (while clearly lacking some intellect) was wondering as to why our sad OP here isn't online, at this point, would she even want the job? I wouldn't want to work for someone who doesn't understand punctuality or basic commuter knowledge (Skype isn't rocket science).

By  Zmanryan3  |  9

Sound like you didn't get the job. Sorry. I don't like Skype/video interviews for some reason they make me more nervous then being there with the interviewer.

  klutz44  |  28

I don't like Skype interviews either. I've only ever been the interviewer over Skype and it still makes me more nervous than talking to someone in person.

By  LennyComa  |  36

Sounds like there will be a vacancy for that guy,s job soon. It's really unprofessional if he is doing interviews not to acept skype requests, especially as he emailed you, unless your skype name is something ridiculous like "xoxopartaygurl69xoxo". Hang in there and hope you get another crack at it soon.

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