By possibly a sweater - / Thursday 5 December 2013 22:26 / United States - Wharton
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  iknowiwantyou  |  13

75 I never said I wouldn't marry a guy if he didn't get me a large ring, I said that I'd say no if I didn't like it. Is getting a ring that I'll like too much to ask for?!?!?!?! No.

  Ambient25  |  24

What?!?! Here's exactly what you said. It was just a few days ago.

"I feel like all the people who down voted 83 and 62 must be guys. But some guys are cheap and will buy a cheap ring that's probably just silver with a cubic zirconia stone. If I don't get the ring I like we're not getting married. Sorry for having standards. Not."

Doesn't that make you sound just lovely. Not.

  iknowiwantyou  |  13

100 did you really just go back all those FML's and retype what I said? I must say, you have a bit too much time on your hands. Either that or you're secretly keeping a stash of all the comments I've ever posted.

Where does it say that I want a large ring?

  fwongraven  |  10

Agreed. My engagement ring was cheap cubic zirconia and I treasured it beyond words; there's nothing loving about looking down at your ring and knowing your fiancé went bankrupt getting it for you. Even worse if you're looking down at the ring and knowing that you would have said "no" to a lifetime of marriage if it wasn't pretty enough.

  Applesarefum  |  9

was there a reason to bring the cops in the first place? if OP picked it up then it should be fine.

  iknowiwantyou  |  13

no it's not fine, it's aggravating. my neighbour's son used to flick his cigarette butts onto my lawn after he was done smoking and it was infuriating. I'm glad his mother didn't know he smoked when I told her though, I never saw cigarette butts on my lawn ever again.

By  karlcolt45  |  19

that's what you get for being a smart ass


I agree, OP's neighbor does sound like an idiot but I'd be pissed too if a dog was shitting on my lawn. OP next time try to be the bigger person and have a polite discussion with your neighbor about how you'll keep your dog off his lawn.

  Zimmington  |  21

I had a neighbor who wouldn't keep his dog from shitting on our lawn because "Poop is a natural fertilizer what's the harm?" We had 2 dogs that we didn't even let go on the front lawn without cleaning it up... if poop is a natural fertilizer than fertilize your own damn lawn

By  GuyNoOneKnows  |  13

Looks like your...shit outta luck! Anyone? No ok I'll leave.

  JustinKirby  |  20

Haha! Nice Papa Roach reference!

By  sexual_girl  |  15

You use fabric for sewing. Wool is for knitting. Just saying.

  yahoowizard  |  16

Maybe OP isn't necessarily "letting" the dog go poop on the neighbor's lawn, but OP was just unaware of it, as in, not just idly standing by and watching as the dog did its business. It is still OP's fault though and he needs to probably find a way to prevent it from happening again.

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