By Anonymous - / Sunday 13 September 2009 17:36 / United States
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By  Six_and_the_Moon  |  3

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YDI for not asking 4 some of the condoms or asking about getting some from him. n if u used the condom that he used then u r a nasty weirdo. or did he ask 4 the ones u had used?
N just go buy ur own condoms...gee its not that hard. get a job make some money go to the store buy a pack of condoms do w/ wat u please.


inconvienentgurl -

Please stop saying things, especially when you don't understand what you're talking about. You're giving me a massive headache.

He meant the roommate wanted to have sex with him.

Now, you're enlightened.

And you misspelled inconvenient.

  miniman332211  |  0

@50 chill ur balls. ppl cn coment wut they want it's a public thing.

  smellymellyy  |  7

erm, last time I checked you didn't need condoms for gay sex..

By  Bredynamite  |  0

is he hot lmao xD

  fudrick  |  0

Why is homophobia the only phobia that people hate others for having? It's just as legitimate a phobia as arachnophobia or anything else, but people call individuals with it intolerant assholes.

  chanman  |  0

because homophobia is a misnomer. Homophobia usually refers to people who are intolerant of gay's.
And it's not the only one - there is also negrophobia and sinophobia (among others)

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