By Anonymous / Thursday 27 October 2011 19:54 / Denmark
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  DocBastard  |  38

Joecelticsballa - what in the name of Edgar Allen Poe are you talking about? The name of the language is ENGLISH. It was invented by the English, you dolt. Americans took it and tweaked it.

Please go to hell and take an extended vacation there. Be sure to let me know how the weather is. Fucking twat.

Edit: mods *grumble grumble*

  LaughinStock  |  16

Silly #1 we can't be ourselves in this world, we have to be like sheep. How do you think we will succeed in this world??...no but seriously op be yourself I can't stand a follower. :)

  jizzwold  |  21

32 you do realize that it is in every humans nature to be a "follower" right? We are social animals and will do almost anything to be accepted by others.

  jizzwold  |  21

I disagree I think that leaders are simply the most confident people and they become that way through a mix of genetics, personality, and an almost continuous stream of social successes. Of course I could be wrong. just a thought that is backed by nothing other than my own observations.

  Bobissmall  |  13

However, trying to fit in by acting like them is a sure fire way to get friend zoned. Just be thankful girls are less likely to be friend zoned than guys, and most guys would still have sex with their female friends.


Yeah coming from a girl: guys only like hot girls with big boobs. At least that's what I've noticed...

  Dark__Angel66  |  24

64- just because they're "hot and have big boobs" doesn't mean they don't have a nice personality. Not all guys are jerks, the hottness is what starts the initial attraction but a good personality is what gets a guy to like a girl. (And vice versa.)

  nalia18  |  8

I hate people who say things like this because frankly im one of the guys yet that doesnt mean i havent been asked out by guy friends. Girls with big boobs, and are hot and thats it end up being the one night stands, the ones that marry a rich guy only to divorce and getting their money, or never can stay on a guy.You gota have a little heart and brains to get a guy and if guys prefer those types who are we to judge. Smart guys choose to like a girl with at least a cute face, love even if its locked up, brains that she might hide, and a kind heart that only a loved one knows is there... Just cause love hasnt smacked you in the face doesnt mean its right to stereo type guys. My guy friends would never date a girl who are hot and have big boobs unless she has all of those details i just said.. And dont hate on the boobs....

  uKrazy  |  0

Let's show some Civil Disobedience and protest that people don't take the extra 2 seconds to finish a word. Then we can all be one with eachother, I for one do not want to be connected, by nature, to someone who wont take the extra few seconds. Henry David Thoreau wouldn't care.

By  carmenm  |  6

Idiot, what part of acting like a man did you think would attract him?


I was always friends with a lot of guys in Highschool. They always would say I was "one of the guys" & it would piss me off. Then one day my guy friend said it again and told me "we might call you 'one of the guy's but it's not a bad thing. Guys like girls that can just hang out." Maybe if OP acts like herself, the guy will actually like her and she won't be just another one-night stand like all the other girls.

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