By buhknee / Wednesday 25 November 2009 00:08 / United States
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  voodootrucker  |  0

could be worse could be known as generation that likes harry potter.oh wait sorry you are

  wh4t3v3R  |  0

Kids have been calling things gay since the 1950s at least, you're generation gets no credit for that (unless your a boomer in which case my apologies).

  indyme  |  0

I can't believe that you are so stupid as to think that today's teenagers will be remembered as the Nintendo generation. Get a effen clue! The Wii is NOT the first Nintendo ever invented! FYL for being a moron!

  americayay  |  0

I think we're actually remebered as Generation D (the digital generation) or the iGeneration (self-explanatory), etc. And wow. A post bitching and moaning about Twilight. That's so refreshing and not at all more annoying than the creepy fanatics in love with it. It's far more pathetic for you to be obsessed with something you hate than for them to be obsessed with something they like.

  blakXrat  |  3

yeah.... but my high school is.... 7 kids killing one spanish dude. not cool. and OMG this dude's right!!!!! I HATE SPARKLY VAMPIRES!!!!!!!!!!!DX

  Sappheyes  |  0

When you type "we" or "our", you include the reader. So regarding myself, the poster who said that we will be known as the Nintendo generation was more accurate, since I grew up playing the original Nintendo systems.

  evangldbrg  |  0

I like ice cream, cherry pie And lemonade with summer breeze I like rainbows, leafy trails And puppy dogs with bumble bees I like cotton candy gum And bumper cars and carnivals Golden skies and hazel eyes And sand in-between my toes...but SOMETHIN' TELLS ME THAT I HATE YOU! SOMETHIN' TELLS ME I MUST KILL YOU!

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