By new dog / Sunday 14 September 2014 03:38 / United States - Gaithersburg
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  Smurphs00  |  10

Ba Dum Tssss

  cjwayy  |  22

Wonderful use of a first comment.

By  patrickalamo  |  47

OP are you vindictive?
They say dogs mimic their owners.

  Zebediabolical  |  36

For gods sakes don't teach the dog to open the fridge or fry things. If they figure out that, they can figure out a can opener for the Alpo. And then they've got no use for us. Other than to throw things for them.

By  FMLkoala  |  28

That's a shi- you know what I'm not even going to bother.


Insinuating...it was OP? Like, you're saying OP pooped on their own shoes and then forgot? Or am I missing something?

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