By Anonymous / Tuesday 6 August 2013 06:19 / United States
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  wlddog  |  14

May i present to you, possibly the best first response of all time.

By  hig999  |  19

You need serious help

By  lishajoy777  |  14

it was just tryna toat your bread. toaster abuse... for shame...

By  angelitared  |  27

Get some medicated help!!!


why? I would think a bit of professional help, maybe counseling, should be the most logical step. Medication is not always the answer and can have some pretty nasty adverse effects.

  Kelsey_709  |  9

According to #50, next step is 17. I'd stick to 2, unless you have enough yarn for all those sweaters you'll be knitting. Or you're in need of Reddit karma. ;)

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