FML - The follow-up

Today, I realized my favorite pen advertises a vaginal cream. I've been letting people borrow it for months. FML

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Here's how it went down: The previous shop owner retired just before I started working at my job. I took over his office, but he left a lot of shit behind. Besides, when you find a pen that actually works, you don't look too far into it. I suppose the girl riding the moped should've tipped me off a little sooner, though.
By MrConcise - / Wednesday 1 May 2013 16:28 / United States
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I know, 78. I loaned my favorite pen out before in a class stupidly and then got to sit back helplessly the entire class period as the rentee teethed and slobbered on it.


50 you are most welcome. And 73, I'll have you know I've NEVER wanted it sausage-y, it's just a rumor, there was just that one time, I was very young, confused

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