By I Don't Exorcise / Thursday 10 May 2012 03:34 / United States - Shawnee
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By  kenshin496  |  3

People have got to learn how to finish their stories...

  ambowew  |  7

If they can post this on FML, I think it's safe to say that they escaped the dog.

Or can enter an FML whilst running from said dog.
Or they have FML in the afterlife.

Hey, one can hope.

  kenshin496  |  3

Lol fair enough...


This reminds me of this joke where there's a guy who joins a weightloss program and on the first day, a hot girl wearing only sneakers shows up at his door with a sign that says "if you catch me, you can do what you want with me." He runs for 5miles then has his way with her. This continues everyday with a hotter and faster girl than the day before. Finally, he tells the program director that he's ready for the final challenge. The director says, with a wink, "Are you sure? You might not be able to handle what you get after you're done running." The guy says he's sure, and sure enough the next day, he opens the door to a big hairy naked man with a sign that says "If I catch you, I'm gonna have my way with you."

  br0ccoli  |  14

Previous OP: "This is for kicking my defenseless cart down the isle and taking all the low-priced bacon! *makes dog sniff bacon* Fluffy, go get her!"

  jmigs17  |  19

I hereby move to change the phrase to "life is like sampling the different fillings contained within the chocolates that are found in boxes."
All in favor?!
And the Nays have it!
Expressions are less fun when you are over literal.

By  Baustigt  |  40

I'd like to know how OP actually got out unharmed. When you run it becomes a hunt. And a dog is not so easy to outrun as the movies would have you believe.

  noelykins1  |  19

It is illegal to beat an animal or harm them maliciously like that. Also German Shepherd the breed is actually a really good breed of dog. It is a great family dog generally. Like any dog including the Pittbulls, the Dobermans. the Rottweilers etc. It just takes a good owner and a good trainer.

  br0ccoli  |  14

So you're saying that I can't defend myself against an animal who is about to rip me to shreds? Pepper spray it is.

Sorry, PETA.
Human life > animal life

  Baustigt  |  40

Not correct. My dog is severely socially disabled and will attack indiscriminately out of fear. She has no trust in strangers and ever since she was very young she leaned towards it. As a puppy she never showed much interest in affection -she was strangely cold and aloof, and very unpredictable. And as she got older, the more I socialised her the worse she became. I have adapted to control this but sometimes dogs just have problems. That being said, a dog with aggressive tendencies should never be off leash.


as a pitbull owner, I know to leave other peoples dogs alone. a GS ran after me and my dog - all I did was stand against a tree (hiding my tiny dog) and screamed for the owner to get their dog - all they had to do was whistle, thank god.....but running means you're playing or scared or a threat

  br0ccoli  |  14

113- but at least you know to put it on a leash. Some people let aggressive dogs roam free. Have you thought about calling that dog whisperer guy?

116- it's good that you and your dog are ok.



Sorry animal life > human life. I know a guy who use to live in my neighbor hood. Anyways, he got attacked by a dog, and tried to defend himself with a large stick, yeah he's now serving a year in jail, for injuring the dog, and a four thousand dollar fine.the guy got what he deserved :/


I mean, it's not impossible if OP really wanted to put forth an effort to make a connection with the dog, but unless s/he is good friends with the owner already and OP's over at their house often, it's not gonna happen.

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