By mpsteve137 / Saturday 30 June 2012 06:21 / United States - Acworth
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  rallets  |  22

well now that he threw his pair of shoes:

doesnt matter, had sex. come at me.

By  rekege  |  15

Try to think of what you're apologizing for, and when you're about to say "Sorry", ask her if it feels good/what doesn't. Knowing what turns her on will boost your ego as well as hers.

Everybody deserves great sex, so work on it together. Good luck! :)

By  Sarah__917  |  14


  dxdd123  |  1

77 - Not you. You have 8 e's and no E in the beginning.


Are you going to comment on every single comment possible? You done this on the last FML too!


Ignore them zach. Most people on this site have their share of haters...you can tell that's exactly what they are when they use the following:

-You try too hard

-Stop commenting

-You're desperate

-Does getting thumbed up really mean that much to you?

...etc. Just keep doing your thing, and don't be bothered by them.

  l23VIVE  |  17

Man you are so right, and I feel sorry that any time you defend someone you automatically are kissing their ass... I know you aren't and that is what matters!!!

  baubabe05  |  3

Hahaha you got that from a FML about dropping a girl on the coffee table a couple days ago! Loll

  Llamacod  |  11

no, I beloved he is talking about the fml where the guy gets thrown against the wall and sucker punched into oblivion by a 200 pound ex marine turned body builder for getting the daughter pregnant.

  dude1122332  |  9

And I'm the towel.(;

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