By jen / Friday 8 July 2011 14:57 / United States
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  chrispyy21  |  0

fayke: lisen hear boy, u creem on muh feat last nite. u aint evan put it in muh V!! reel: yah cuz i lyke dem feat bich! get sum derty soks n lemme buss off on dem tows. fayke: be rite ovar!!!!

  NeatNit  |  32

I hate the dumb "I realised how lifeless I am" FMLs. Those people are just pathetic idiots who can do something with their lives. When you feel like a worthless piece of shit - that's when you BECOME a worthless piece of shit! Just think positive, this is who you are so stop complaining!

By  bharted85  |  7

Lol just delete the account and talk to your friends straight forward.

  wisericky  |  12

dude, this one time my imaginary friend was talken shit about my momma, so i had to beat the shit out of him. He got some good shots on me and stuff, threw me down a flight of stairs. But you should see him, hes way more fucked up.

  tzuriel11  |  9

^^ i agree

  freelove_fml  |  2

Except that people like OP *don't know* how to make new friends, which is why they cling to whatever they have and go out of their way to "impress". (And I'm not even giving OP a hard time, this is actually pretty sad)

By  Mekeritrig  |  15

We've all done that. Especially the ones who say they've never done it.

  KiddNYC1O  |  20

We surveyed 100 people. Name one person that creates fake Facebook accounts to fight themselves and impress their friends. -I'm going to say Mekeritrig - Survey sayyys... *Ding* |Mekeritrig |95| Yes!

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