FML - The follow-up

Today, I realized I got more birthday wishes from people checking my ID for alcohol purchases than from friends. FML

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Huh, didn't think this would make it. Neat. Thanks for the birthday wishes! To clear a few things up: 1. I started getting birthday wishes from ID checkers a week before my birthday and for a few days after, during which time I went on a couple beer runs for my roommate, bought a bottle of wine for a family dinner, had a weekly girls' night out with some coworkers and, yes, went barhopping with a friend on the day of. 2. I only got Facebook because my college required it and didn't bother fi
By taroschain / Saturday 30 July 2016 21:19 / United States - Atlanta
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A guy, once told me, that the only person that should remember anyone's birthday is a mother. And instead of getting upset of who remembered it or not, one should call the people you want to celebrate it with and have fun. Since then, this has worked for me!

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