By Anonymous / Saturday 8 September 2012 11:38 / United States - Salem
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By  SuiGeneris01  |  2


  HollyDolly660  |  8

Was anyone else wondering whether or not OP is a boy or girl? That determines the amount of FML. No girl wants the same name as her dad.

  HollyDolly660  |  8

Well I know a lot of girls that HATE their names and are named after their dad. My point was that if she was a female named Grant (my Father's name for example), then the FML would be even worse because she has a man name that I, personally, would not be okay with if it was me.

By  nickownes1  |  3

How do you know she wasn't actually meaning your name? (;

  DuRpY  |  5

Nick, the reason why I thumbed down your comment is twofold. 1. Yes, too far. 2. If DocBastard was to take a piss, you'd drown with how you're all on his proverbial d*ck.

  perdix  |  29

Good thing I didn't write a similar comment. Except mine might have fared better because I would have used the terms "Oedipus Complex" and "motherfu..." Probably would have gotten buried. Better you than me, mate.

  gracehi  |  31

71, I thumbed you down, not because I disliked your comment, but because I'm a rebel. ;)


#104 nope. I thought it meant something else. Lol, I even searched up the definition of "Meaning" to see if it had any other definition that I didn't know of. From what I gathered, I thought it meant that she was masturbating of sorts. But wouldn't make sense since she was "doing it" with his father.

By  meowman13  |  5

Well, this is awkward..

By  Dcm210  |  19

change your name?

  AussieChild  |  22

My fiancé has the same name as his dad... And grandad... And great grandad etc *shudder* I'm not going to be able to get these thoughts and this FML out of my head now! D:

By  cheshireau  |  25

That's unfortunate.

By  dino_cookie4  |  7

Oh my.. That really does suck. Confront them and ask them to do it when you gone.? Unless ur unemployed and are out of school.

  Marrach  |  7

Lol. He's basically traumatized. I mean, imagine if you and your dad had the same name.. And that happened to you. I think I'd avoid her for a little to not hear her say it again.

  esines  |  9

Why would you wanna ever talk about tour parents having sex, to your parents? If it were me i would just pretend it never happened. Or atleast try to

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