By Anonymous - / Saturday 17 August 2013 19:25 / Thailand - Bang Bua Thong
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  tsent8  |  15

Op is taking baby steps. Hopefully after defeating 30 food critics and bringing their sacred spices back. He will have enough XP to cook some scrambled eggs.

  gracehi  |  31

Not really. If you're literate, you should be able to prepare a meal. Mac and cheese and hot dogs is a meal. The instructions for preparing them are on the package. I don't know why people are so forgiving of OP's incompetence. The way I see it, not knowing how to cook is like not being potty trained. I don't understand how one can function in life not knowing how to operate a stove. I mean, we all need to eat everyday.

  threer  |  30


  threer  |  30

One does not simply..

  amDes  |  11

OP cooking isn't really hard... when something starts to burn either take it off the heat or stir it. When making more complicated dishes follow a recipe. If you are cooking while playing wow at the same time then that is probably the problem....

By  ThePaul007  |  14


  threer  |  30

Yes, but this one has grammar!

By  Gothicbunnyx3  |  16

Go outside and do something productive. Life's more important than sitting on the computer all day .

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