By WHOO HOO AIDS - / Saturday 1 June 2013 18:52 / Poland - Warsaw
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  friedpwnadge  |  25

When I buy them for my girlfriend those things can get really expensive. Demand she return them or make her life hell.

  fml121785  |  14

Sadly, I have been in the same situation. I didn't want them back after she'd wear them around for day at a time...gross! Do what I did and start hiding your good ones and replace them with the ugliest granny panties you can buy and put them in your panty drawer. Then, one night when she gets drunk and gets laid by one of the many nasty fucks she brings home, she'll start washing her own damn panties again! Worked for me. :)

By  RemyX1  |  7


  Zebediabolical  |  36

Commando is always an option. I for one haven't worn underwear since 1997. With specific exceptions for winter skiing and the week I needed to wear a maxipad because of my new piercing.

By  tayza249  |  20

Well that's disgusting :/

  Jac_d_ipper  |  10

Naw, OP you can make your housemate's life disgusting by telling her that you have vaginal infection which spreads by using other's items and which takes couple of weeks to show up and watch her bleach her fucking stealing cunt.

By  RemyX1  |  7

tell her to wash here own clothes dang gotta keep logged in so I can comment first without wasting time signing in.

By  SirTalkaton  |  22

Underpants gnomes! Step 1. Underpants. Step 2. ? Step 3. Profit!
In related news: your roommate is a slob, I'd let her keep those...

By  Thundering_Jibbs  |  13

Get her back by getting a sexually transmitted disease and then passing it on to her, that'll show her!

  Zebediabolical  |  36

Pregnancy is the best STD! Get pregnant and pass it on to her through your shared underwears!

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