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  GoW_Chick  |  42

I think we have ourselves a case of the "I'm going to thumb down everything," all three of the FML stories everything on it has been thumbed down, weird no?

  Chad_the_Brony  |  42

My exact thoughts. What the fuck is with these dickheads thumbing down everything? I understand for those who deserve to be thumbed down, but whoever is doing it needs to fuck off.

  DrMime  |  16

Damn! Peeing together? My father always told me never to get on one knee for a girl who wouldn't get on two for me, although in this case I guess the circumstances are a bit different!

  newlove_fml  |  33

Helping a drunk man, regardless of who he is, is in no way romantic. It's gross. There's a difference between being comfortable with each other and just plain nasty.

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