By Anonymous / Saturday 13 September 2014 00:19 / United States - Farmingdale
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  moocow398  |  6

Just because they wanted something quick and easy doesn't mean they deserved it. However that is a fair point and op should maybe have thought about that beforehand

By  bobman51  |  15


  Tthug  |  34

Yup. Not just the obvious though.

Too much protein; not enough carbs. Rookie mistake.

By  madridista14  |  8

You could say that this was a gaseous run


Today, my 18th birthday, my boyfriend took me out to dinner at a nice sushi restaurant half an hour from where we live. Right after we ordered I started having an allergic reaction to my birth control and spent the next 2 hours dry heaving on the sidewalk outside the restaurant. FML

By secretsant4 - / Monday 9 October 2017 11:36 / United States - Philadelphia
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