Today, I ran into my boyfriend at the mall, the same boyfriend that told me he was taking a family vacation to Mexico. FML

By tina / Tuesday 17 August 2010 12:30 / Canada
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Haha your boyfriend is an idiot. Who the fuck goes from one shit country to another? Like at least he could have been like, "Baby, I'm going to the U.S." But nooo, it had to be Mexico.

  melsaraj  |  9

why is every underweight, 80 pound kids taking a pic of their body that has next to no body fat and using it as their dp.. is that an achievement..

  darkmis1  |  17

77: Canada IS a shit county! I am well aware of the Canadian seal slaughter and how all those poor seals are being killed-so it does suck! OP: I really hope you dumped him.


shut the f**k up, you efffing moron, everyone knows Canada is awesome, the only reason I might go to the u.s. is because you're dollar is so shitty I can buy a new truck for half of what I pay here. I agree Mexico kinda sucks.

  lilidiaz  |  0

Hmm I don't like how a lot of ppl here r saying Mexico is shitty to me it ain't cus I know it very well n it's actually way way way more fun than the U.S Here are some thoughts: 1. You're allowed to drink when ur 18 NOT 21 like here. 2. The girls are so much prettier than the girls here. 3. If you go with dollars u can buy a lot of things! 4. The beaches are so much fun over there. That's just some thoughts but like I've said I know it very well because I visit there a lot so I'm thinking most of the people that are saying it's shitty have only been there a couple of times so yeah.

  strikeeagle  |  3

Canada Is the best country! America is shit and yes they have the fattest people and the highest percentage of them. So fuck off! anyone who replies to this in a negative way is a cunt cock muncher ass whore piss drinker greasy fat ass bastard who no one loves. Not even their own mother.

  brandon425  |  0

probably because the jokes suck.. no of course I'm kidding. I love you #1 your jokes make my day. They are the only reason I even come to FML. wait sarcasm doesn't work online

  tweetbaby14  |  17

oh and by the way canadians unless you have sucky math skills if an American payed 100 dollars for a truck you would have to pay 104 because your dollar is worth .037 less than ours. suck on that morons

By  jbakse  |  0

thats horrible! i hate it when my friends kie like that to me, i cant imagine how it would feel if my lover did it! dump his ass in the sewer, maybe he'll find love down there?

By  cristy91  |  33

That was a douche thing to do, but maybe he just wanted some space and thought that was the only way to do it without hurting your feelings. I'm not accepting his behavior, just saying that maybe there's a reason for it. If he just did it because he's an ass, then leave him.

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