By feelinblue - / Tuesday 23 June 2009 11:31 / Australia
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Yours won't get published because you reply to post #1 in order to be seen. No one cares :)


#28 why the hell do you care. so what she/he wants to be seen. whats our problem. fuck your life, that you care so much about other comments. to the OP: thats pretty sad.


I agree :( I went to my 4th-6th grade ESL teacher during my senior year in high school and told her about all the things I accomplished only b/c SHE had taught me English...and she started crying so much...it really touched her.

LMAO!! Sounds like something I would say....but I would say it as a joke, which hopefully she was trying to do. Or maybe you gave her a hard time when she was your student. But yes, FYL!!

I agree with #1. It's not that they thought you were old, maybe just that you got killed...maybe she was happy you were alive?

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