By Anonymous - / Thursday 2 July 2015 04:49 / Australia - Townsville
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  KatieKoala  |  19

Agreed my friend, agreed


#4 Pressing thumbs up says that you agree. There's no need to comment...

  ThatOneChick856  |  35

Whether or not the OP was the annoying one, it sure was a helluva way to burn bridges!

By  DaEpicTaco  |  13

Fyi op at least you don't have to deal with him anymore.

  DaEpicTaco  |  13

I meant FYL lol fml

By  CommentKing207  |  23

How could you have not known he was a customer? Do you not have name tags or uniforms?


Where you smoking weed (everyday) when you read it? XD

By  HUGBUG  |  22

Lol you got what was coming to you, That's karma

By  Wolfipoo  |  31

That sucks OP, hope you don't get fired from him trying to get "revenge", but good luck at your new job.

  thawny_fml  |  21

Just do what all girls do when they don't get their way. Tell everyone he was sexually harassing you.

  lizgb80  |  19

With logic and sensitivity like that #42 I can't help but assume that you will have your very own sexual lawsuit one day. Enjoy it, I'm sure it will be well earned.

  IridianShadow  |  20

As much as I agree that OP was being immature, working with someone and them being a customer are completely different things.

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