By ripo95 / Wednesday 26 November 2008 06:18 / France
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By  undone1  |  0

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By  ime_fml  |  0

Don't listen to them, it happened to me once too. It's horrible

  whatever202  |  11

#4 and #6 Um duh, she's a girl and forgot to shave her armpits. Have some empathy. It was probably super embarrassing.

By  fmlatwork  |  0

Ok, I'm going to take a wild guess here and say maybe the OP is a female and she forgot to shave her armpits?

If so, that's gross but it happens. Just don't do it again :)

By  will90  |  5

ugggghh i just ate...

By  kayceelove  |  0

to #8,
if the OP is a female, it's still dumb.
how can you take showers and not notice you need to shave?
or unless your armpit hair grows out THAT fast, then thats gross.
definitely an FML then.

  Saigee1997  |  3

Uhm, it's not like you notice very easily....I don't spend my shower studying my arm pits deciphering if I need to shave them or not. Just sayin...>.> and OP, it's happened to me too. But it's natural to grow hair there, so who cares?!

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