By broke / Wednesday 16 November 2016 03:08 / United States
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Generally not. Having worked in these sort of scenarios as Security, we have to specifically request a vehicle be towed. Giving a Tow company power to just tow whenever they decided to would be really bad business. It is, however, possible that they do have Maintenance or Security there when closed who would have called for a tow.


As a former tow truck driver, I can assure you it is quite common for an apartment complex to have a patrol contract with their towing provider, allowing the tower to impound any car he sees violating certain specified rules. In my experience, it was most commonly used for fire lane enforcement (since in many areas the complex can be fined for failing to maintain a clear fire lane), but a few complexes also requested that we check permits/stickers.


some places won't give you a decal unless you can provide the plate number and proof of registration/insurance. when I was in college you practically had to sign off that you'd donate one of your firstborn's kidneys. jokes on them this time though, I'm not having kids!


That's often the case but most places will make exceptions for a brand new car. Plates and the like come after you buy the car in a lot of places, though I don't know about FL specifically. Either way, OP probably should've figured out the policy vs just assuming parking an unidentifiable car would be fine.

It would have been a better idea to notify them in advance that you were looking to get a car soon just in case they were closed. The towing company just drives around looking for vehicles without the permit, or you have jerks for neighbors.

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