By Anonymous / Saturday 25 April 2015 17:32 / United States
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  starile  |  19

Forget this awkward moment of family bonding--the Real FML is that OP has never orgasmed with a partner before. Our hearts go out to you, OP.

  gintwinsmoore  |  20

This could be why there are no locks on the door if she doesn't have locks...dad wants to monitor who comes in and out of her room and rightfully so!

  Cads1  |  24

If the child was paying rent then I would agree. Otherwise, why should a parent have to knock on a door in their own house?

  lexos  |  16

#72 for reasons like this. Or maybe someone just got out of the shower and is standing naked in his/her room ready to put some clothes on.

  TheBelt  |  19

Oh the irony.

By  aliceanon  |  13

I'm sorry, that really does suck but I'm sure you will both forget about it with time.

By  baegirl33  |  7

That sucks, it will be really awkward to see your dad for awhile now. I reccomend masterbation in the bathroom or some place with a lock. Also lock your door unless it doesn't have one.

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