By Anonymous - / Saturday 13 November 2010 22:34 / United States
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By  BehindTheSun  |  2

Then knock on their door, explain what happened, and ask to reimbursed by either the pizza company, those who ate it, or both. Not really sure why you decided to whine on FML instead of handling a fairly simple problem yourself.

  testosticor  |  4

If you order pizza online all the time, wouldn't you know that you have to enter your credit card information before completing your order, therefore paying before your pizza arrives?

Or maybe there's a pay with cash option I never noticed.

Either way, the OP doesn't deserve it, unless he/she put in the wrong apartment number or something.

By  Iluv2D_fml  |  0

I say you march to those douchebags apartment and demand they buy you a giant supreme pizza for accepting something they ne was not their's!! And then eat it in front of them like a pig!

By  Black_lilliy  |  0

wait, for anyone who said the op should pay after, if you only use credit cards you have to pay over the phone before it's deliverd. So it would have been impossible to pay when the pizza was deliverd to the correct person.

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