By Gagging - / Monday 15 June 2015 11:57 / United Kingdom - Glasgow
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By  AirBusDriver  |  23

Well that just plain stinks.

By  Birdclawz  |  17

Sounds like a pretty stinky situation.

  Ava_Darkflame  |  26

What the fuck happened here?

By  Schala360  |  26

urmahgerd, air freshener that shit

By  nonononononono_fml  |  16

Better learn to keep the air freshener handy!!

  Schala360  |  26

I honestly cant see why our posts are getting down voted, just because we aren't sucking up to OP doesn't mean we have to get down voted

  chinaski7628  |  32

Why cover up the smell when it can (most likely) be eliminated?She may have a fungus. Or it's bad hygiene. Both of those are easily taken care of. Either way, air freshener will only mask the problem. The girlfriend needs to fix the problem.

By  tranced_  |  41

time to take her to the shower and slyly wash her feet ;)

By  Darkness_Hate  |  28

Get kinky then give her a feet massage.

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