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Hey, OP here, thought I'd comment to clear some stuff up. First, I really enjoy wrestling, I've done it since a young age and I love the competitiveness, the endurance it takes, ALMOST everything about it lol. It was just a bad day and that happening it just annoyed me, honestly, if you wrestle and that hasn't happened once, you're lucky lol, happens to the best. Also, I didn't mean to give a bad name to wrestling at all, trust me, I know all the jokes about it and it bothers me as much as any other wrestler, but hey, that stuff happens, you just ignore it and keep going. I did enjoy reading your comments though lol
By Chilaxe / Saturday 3 May 2014 22:44 / United States - Shawnee
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These are grown, sweaty, oiled up men giving each other belly to belly suplexes.

  sweetest_jenn  |  18

That's terrible advice. There are pros and cons in everything. OP does wrestling because he enjoys combat and contact sports, occasional sweaty crotches and all. Just like us women enjoy relationships and marriages. Occasional sweaty crotches and all...

By  Jaredphamtom  |  10

That happened to my buddy while wrestling, except it was his teammate who took out his sack and put it on the back of his head... He ended up quitting

  elcee1987  |  18

Well I'm judging a little ;)

  bpickett18  |  15

Pribably the most unsuportive famiky ever.

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