By Anonymous - / Sunday 28 June 2015 15:00 / United States - Cincinnati
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By  mds9986  |  24

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  Rkikkas9713  |  25

Not only do they carry nasty diseases, they're just about unkillable! Took my family let a year to completely get rid of them and we spent well over 50 grand over that time trying to get rid of them.

  Sheah_95  |  11

As someone who had them for about a few weeks: it was a hell I'd like to never repeat again. After about $1,000 dollars to fumigate and multiple hours of washing fabrics/clothing and throwing away good books and objects I can safely say that if I ever talk to my friend again it'll be too soon. Hopefully you had the chance to strip those clothes off OP and wash/dry them before going home.

  Pinkgal123  |  24

Depends what type of job it is, honestly. Imagine working for more than 12 hours photo shooting...oh wait, that's what I do. :p

  vampire1618  |  5

I do it at my part time job (kinda ironically- my full time is the typical 8), its not bad at all. only sucks when I have one day at 8:30am-11pm then open at 6:30 the next day.

By  SubparAtBest  |  23

Quickly, now is the time to Steal another person's chair and possibly sabatoge another employees day!

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