By Anonymous / Thursday 20 August 2009 13:23 / Australia
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Eh, I think it's better without proofreading. If I were the OP, I wouldn't even worry about it and laugh when I saw the people read it.


this is fake its like saying i work at a place called cass fcrack and i made busniuss card and i forgot the c and f ass crack

I agree with #1. You deserve that. However, that's pretty hilarious. Maybe you could just change businesses to porn and distribute those cards.


Sorry. I kept trying to correct this person's spelling of "grammar" but my comment would show up, then disappear, then be in the wrong place, etc. So I put "never mind" in case any of them showed up later.


Yea but if he designed them in a program that has spellcheck it would not mark "anal" because it actually is a word...

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