By Anonymous - / Tuesday 9 November 2010 05:32 / United States
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By  odexy  |  12

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By  odexy  |  12

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  mzjane  |  0

Where is the like button? I'd be all over that betch right now.

  ComMed1  |  0

were you a man before bc you are taking this really personally? it is gross, just bc society deems it fine doesn't mean it is. at one point society deemed slavery right and we all know it wasn't/isn't.

  sourgirl101  |  21

I also don't get the impression that she doesn't support her brother's decision. Her children are still very young and may not understand things an older person can. She does need to word it in "kid friendly" terms so that their little minds can grasp the idea and except it, themselves.

By  apeacefulworld  |  0

This will probably be a harder adjustment for you than for the kids. Kids are naturally open minded, and in the long run, this experience will probably make them more tolerant to different kinds of people. I agree with hefox -- the best kinds of families are those that support each other.

By  tabernacle_fml  |  0

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By  ts_eliot  |  0

The 5 and 7 year old will take it fine. Kids are awesome like that. The 12y/o might question it a little, but seriously, it's not usually a big deal for kids unless the adults around them make it one. Fuck your sister's life, because being trans is a hell of a lot harder on her end of things. You got the easy part.


Today, I was choosing my soft drink at a restaurant. The kid in front of me was too short to reach the lids so I handed him one. His mom rushed over, pried it out of his hands, threw it away, and yelled, "She's filthy, don't use that." FML

By td1078 - / Thursday 24 May 2012 15:50 / United States - Rockville
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