By irresponsible - / Saturday 14 August 2010 20:41 / United States
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  ell_oh_ell  |  7

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  ndizzle  |  7

Assuming this story is true, she did you a huge favor. I can't imagine being with someone who is that unreasonable. I can barely imagine someone who *is* that unreasonable.

  FFML_314  |  29

It could go, "Freeze, you're all under arrest. I will show no mercy! Your ignorance is only making this worse. You're no longer the captain of this ship. For Fucking My Life, I now present you with a $314 fine!"

By  FFML_314  |  19

Now that you're broken up, call her work 40x a day just to scream and yell at whoever answers the phone. Make sure you tell them it's your girlfriends fault. Or, you could just murder her.

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